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Evolu-TIC Outaouais is a not for profit organization who was created from ‘’ les Centres Jeunesse de l’Outaouais’’ and incorporated in 1992 under the name Environnement-Jeunesse Outaouais, which became CFER Outaouais en 1994. In 2012, we changed name for our actual name Evolu-TIC Outaouais. We have been around for 22 years now!

The first board of administrators was assembled in April 1992. Evolu-TIC Outaouais’s first steps were made a small building from IMAGE Printing operated then by ‘’les Centres Jeunesse de l’Outaouais. Since our first steps as an organization, our mission to prepare for the working market  teenagers who dropout from school , kids who many people did not believe in. We decided at the same time to develop the concept of associating kids with the development of environmental business services, which was at the time a very good idea.

Different formations to develop work abilities to teenager dropouts and to adults from employment centers, have been given to more than 2000 persons since our beginnings in 1992.

During that period, our environmental services began to grow, offering a diversified offer of services. Our first environmental  service was for the recovery of cardboard and paper in 1992, then in 1994, we started offering services to shred confidential documents,  in 2004 we started to dismantle and recycle electronic waste, and finally in 2013 we added to our three existing services the recovery of neon tubes and fluo compact bulbs.

Evolu-TIC Outaouais has always been able to establish important partnership with large companies or government agencies. The principal partner throughout those years as been les Centres Jeunesse de l’Outaouais, but Evolu-TIC Outaouais also worked fot over a decade with the Draveurs Schoolboard and is still partnering today with organizations such as : Emploi-Québec, CLD Developpement Economique Gatineau, ARPE Québec, OES (Ontario Electronic Stewardship) and RecycFluo.

In 2012 we became Evolu-TIC Outaouais, and to this day we offer 4 environmental services with just one service provider, which is very practical for our clients. We serve several hundreds of clients on both sides of the Ottawa River in Quebec and Ontario. We have a national cerfification from EPRA (Electronic Producers Electronic Stewardship) to recycle Electronic-Waste), an approved processor into the province of Quebec’s electronic waste recovery program (ARPE Quebec), an approved processor into the Ontario electronic waste recovery program (Ontario Electronic Stewardship) and since 2013 we also become an approved company to recover neon tubes and fluo compact bulbs under RecycFluo program under the Quebec provincial program.

In 2014, we still maintain our social mission to prepare and train people for the working market, but we are also a very credible organization that offers environmental services at very competitive rates and efficient service.